Stapleton House organized a social breakfast for the residents

As a part of their social events, the leading student accommodation across the UK “United Student” organized a healthy breakfast for the residents of Stapleton House last weekend.

The event took place at the main common hall in the building and the courtyard. Where all the student and staff gathered at 9 Am to began their day together. Patrica Walton, Stapleton House Manager, started with an encouraging word and wished all the students a good luck in their exams. The entire building decorated with inspiring quotes and tips about how to manage your time during exams. One of the students said, “From the moment you walk in, you instantly can feel a positive energy. It gives you push to go back to your room and start studying for your exams with a fresh mind.” Stapleton House staff distributed giveaways as an incentive for the residents to continue their hard work and succeed in their exams. Jun Kang, a chinses student who recently moved to Stapleton House, is appreciative of the efforts made by the House staff “They are very kind, caring and initiative. Since I moved here, two other events have held before and just love attending those events.”

The breakfast menu was full of healthy choices and organic food. Miss Patrica said “Most of this college students skip breakfast which considers one of the most important meals. We tried to serve healthy options for the student today which is more likely to give them an indication of what they can eat to maintain their energy throughout the day.” The event lasted for around three hours, and a friendly atmosphere was controlling the activity; it helped the students to connect with their peers on a deeper level.

The social breakfast which usually takes place before the exams period has become an annual tradition for United Student, as a way to support the students; help them to socialize and reduce the stress of exams preparation. “It is an excellent idea to coordinate such activities for the residents very often. With their busy school Schedule, most of the students don’t have time to socialize with the other residents in the house,” said Patrica Walton, Stapleton House manager. “They have been way from their families for a while, and the stress they are facing before the exams are horrible, our responsibility is to take care of them and let them know they surrounded by lovely people who can help them at any time.” Emile Adam, Client Relation Supervisor, add “We pride ourselves on providing such environment that empowers the students to succeed. Our goal in scheduling these events is to make students feel more comfortable during their stay here”.

Sitting opposite the London Metropolitan University campus on Holloway Road, Stapleton House officially opened last September. The building scheme provides around 862 Bedrooms vary between en-suite and studio rooms for the students who wish to relocate in North London.


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“Holidays Photography” the new upcoming trend.

As a freelance photographer, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends in the industry. Last week I was searching on the internet for some tips about outdoor photography when an appealing link caught my attention. It was about a new photography service called FLYTOGRAPHER that documenting your vacation by hooking you up with a local professional photographer to do tourism. After few more research, I believe now that the concept of “Holidays Photography” will be a BIG BOOM!! in the coming years. As it provides an opportunity to a lot of freelance talents and people always love to try weird ideas.

In a report published by Kingston University London, around 391,000 freelancers are based in London with a greater presence in artistic and media occupations. With this huge competition and current economic situation, it’s hard to find businesses out there in the market especially in the major cities. London is home to 21 percent of the freelancer photographer in the UK. Promoting this concept will provide them with more business opportunities, especially the main idea of “holidays photography” is linking the traveler with a local professional photographer. The financial outcome of this service is rewarding; the average rate is 300 pound for a 60-minitues session. On the other hand, the idea of meeting new clients from a different cultural background is exciting and will help the photographers to establish new connections in all over the world. Hector Martín, a freelance photographer in London, Said: “It is an awkward moment when you meet a new client and try to figure out how you should deal with him, and by the end of the day you find out that you gain a new friend.”

People those days are opposed to taking pictures of themselves. If you have any DOUBT open your phone gallery and check how many selfies are there. We love to capture the special moments, especially during our vacations or visits to new cities. The idea of having our own paparazzi is irresistible!! It is much better than ask some stranger in the street to take a picture for you. Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 3.26.56 AM.pngPersonally, I would love to book such service for my next trip. I know it might feel a bit weird to be followed by a professional photographer – giving me instructions and guides about what I should do. But by the end, I will get used to it. To prove my point, I stopped a couple of tourists next to London Bridge and asked them if they will consider booking a photographer to walk around the city with him and take some pictures. The majority were excited about the idea, mostly the Arab to be frank. They drew my attention to an important fact, which is hanging out with local photographer might enhance my travel experience by their abundant local knowledge.

“Holidays Photography” is the upcoming new trend in the photography industry and tourism. We should promote it as it is a pleasant experience for both the tourist and photographer.


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New Londoner?! Five things you should know before driving in London.

No one wants to end up in jail!! Using your mobile phone behind the driving wheel might leads you to jail. That is what happened with Henshaw-Bryan when she hit a cyclist causing him some serious injuries. Many new movers to London do not have any idea about the general road rules. Here are some quick tips before hitting the street:



  1. Excellent public transport system:

It is a splendid idea to avoid driving in London. Especially London has developed a great public transportation system which often offers the quickest way to reach your destination. Buying a Travelcard gives you unlimited access to London’s public transport network including buses, underground and overground trains. Usually, the fastest way to move around the city is the Underground “or Tube as it is known to Londoners” and it is much cheaper than having your own car. You can always plan your journey through TFL website.


  1. Always “Think Lift.”

If you decided to drive in London, you must always remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road. There is a historical reason for this; it is all about Keeping your sword hand free. Most of the people are right-handed, so if you were traveling and a stranger passed by, your right hand will be free to pull out your sword if needed. If you got used to driving on the right, it might be helpful to put a note “For example, THINK LIFT!!” on your car dashboard or front glass. Some people have a real fear of driving on the wrong side of the road. If you do so, you should ask for help.


  1. Never drink alcohol or use drugs before driving:

London has a strict drink and drugs rules. Usually, the police forces in London carry out random drink and drugs testing. They can stop you and force you to do some field assessment. If you refuse to provide a specimen of breath, blood or urine for analysis, you might be arrested. The penalties for drugs or drink driving could reach to an unlimited fine, driving ban or at least three months imprisonment.


  1. Parking:

Finding a park in London is not an easy job. It can be expensive, and on top of the parking fees, there is Congestion Charge; which is a fee to drive in central London during weekdays. Pay attention to the parking rules, always check the lamppost for more information about parking time and charges cause it differs from street to street.


  1. Bus lane:

Be aware of the bus lane signs. Many People think the bus lane is for the use of buses only; the fact is taxis, motorcycles, bicycles and scooters can use many of them. The purpose of those lanes is to increase journey time reliability, which will encourage the use of public transport. You can use those lanes only outside the operational hours of the public buses. Otherwise, you will be photographed by the automatic cameras and fined (£60) for using the lane.


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Slimming Pills: I know the danger, but I want them anyway!!

A young woman collapsed and ended up in the hospital, after two years of stop taking slimming pills. This story is one of hundred stories we heard about every couple of months. The use of those kinds of drugs increased dramatically in London. There have been a repeated warning from the NHS against using weight loss drugs. I believe that slimming pills is a slow way for SUICIDE. Many people know the dangers of using such pills, but they still use them anyway. Using those pills increase the chances of death for overweight people, and it causes depression and social isolation for the individual.

If you carry excess body weight, the idea of reaching your long-term goals might seem frightened. It happened to ME!! I used weight loss pills to “jump-start” the process. I was trying to ignore the fact that those pills might be a deadly toxin and focus more on the instant result I will get if I used them. We all want to take the easy way instead of planning to live a healthy life. Central London Community Healthcare always tries to empower people to make sustainable life changes to lose weight instead of relying on the fake drugs. They offer a range of plans and weight management specialists to help people reach their weight loss goals. My colleague Graham Viver says ” I feel more active and energetic! The NHS weight loss plan is not about dieting; it helps you form new healthier habits and choices. It worked for me, and I lost around  18 kg in 3 months”.

London Council found that more than 40 percent of londoner are predicted to be obese by 2035, which will increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The shocking fact is using slimming pills to enhance losing weight might cause unpredictable side effects on the long term. Stimulants are one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss products. It does not boost our metabolism only but also increase our heart rate and cause high blood pressure, which consciously causes heart attack and stroke in the future. A few years back, those pills were responsible for the death of six young people in the UK.

Many slimming pills are ineffective because they are simply a combination of caffeine and other diuretics, which cause water loss. Thus, a quick loss of several grams on the scale but this is not true fat loss. After a couple of weeks, the water weight will return. Going back to the starting point is painful because the idea of being fit and in shape destroyed. Obesity can cause low self-confidence and social isolation, all known contributors to depression. This depression slows down our metabolism, drains our willpower to avoid unhealthy food, and cause us to crave high-fat foods and sugar. Therefore, we will end up gaining more weight than before using those pills.

We should increase the awareness of the harms those pills might cause, especially for the young teenagers as they are the primary consumers of it.


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