Stapleton House organized a social breakfast for the residents

As a part of their social events, the leading student accommodation across the UK “United Student” organized a healthy breakfast for the residents of Stapleton House last weekend.

The event took place at the main common hall in the building and the courtyard. Where all the student and staff gathered at 9 Am to began their day together. Patrica Walton, Stapleton House Manager, started with an encouraging word and wished all the students a good luck in their exams. The entire building decorated with inspiring quotes and tips about how to manage your time during exams. One of the students said, “From the moment you walk in, you instantly can feel a positive energy. It gives you push to go back to your room and start studying for your exams with a fresh mind.” Stapleton House staff distributed giveaways as an incentive for the residents to continue their hard work and succeed in their exams. Jun Kang, a chinses student who recently moved to Stapleton House, is appreciative of the efforts made by the House staff “They are very kind, caring and initiative. Since I moved here, two other events have held before and just love attending those events.”

The breakfast menu was full of healthy choices and organic food. Miss Patrica said “Most of this college students skip breakfast which considers one of the most important meals. We tried to serve healthy options for the student today which is more likely to give them an indication of what they can eat to maintain their energy throughout the day.” The event lasted for around three hours, and a friendly atmosphere was controlling the activity; it helped the students to connect with their peers on a deeper level.

The social breakfast which usually takes place before the exams period has become an annual tradition for United Student, as a way to support the students; help them to socialize and reduce the stress of exams preparation. “It is an excellent idea to coordinate such activities for the residents very often. With their busy school Schedule, most of the students don’t have time to socialize with the other residents in the house,” said Patrica Walton, Stapleton House manager. “They have been way from their families for a while, and the stress they are facing before the exams are horrible, our responsibility is to take care of them and let them know they surrounded by lovely people who can help them at any time.” Emile Adam, Client Relation Supervisor, add “We pride ourselves on providing such environment that empowers the students to succeed. Our goal in scheduling these events is to make students feel more comfortable during their stay here”.

Sitting opposite the London Metropolitan University campus on Holloway Road, Stapleton House officially opened last September. The building scheme provides around 862 Bedrooms vary between en-suite and studio rooms for the students who wish to relocate in North London.


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