Slimming Pills: I know the danger, but I want them anyway!!

A young woman collapsed and ended up in the hospital, after two years of stop taking slimming pills. This story is one of hundred stories we heard about every couple of months. The use of those kinds of drugs increased dramatically in London. There have been a repeated warning from the NHS against using weight loss drugs. I believe that slimming pills is a slow way for SUICIDE. Many people know the dangers of using such pills, but they still use them anyway. Using those pills increase the chances of death for overweight people, and it causes depression and social isolation for the individual.

If you carry excess body weight, the idea of reaching your long-term goals might seem frightened. It happened to ME!! I used weight loss pills to “jump-start” the process. I was trying to ignore the fact that those pills might be a deadly toxin and focus more on the instant result I will get if I used them. We all want to take the easy way instead of planning to live a healthy life. Central London Community Healthcare always tries to empower people to make sustainable life changes to lose weight instead of relying on the fake drugs. They offer a range of plans and weight management specialists to help people reach their weight loss goals. My colleague Graham Viver says ” I feel more active and energetic! The NHS weight loss plan is not about dieting; it helps you form new healthier habits and choices. It worked for me, and I lost around  18 kg in 3 months”.

London Council found that more than 40 percent of londoner are predicted to be obese by 2035, which will increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The shocking fact is using slimming pills to enhance losing weight might cause unpredictable side effects on the long term. Stimulants are one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss products. It does not boost our metabolism only but also increase our heart rate and cause high blood pressure, which consciously causes heart attack and stroke in the future. A few years back, those pills were responsible for the death of six young people in the UK.

Many slimming pills are ineffective because they are simply a combination of caffeine and other diuretics, which cause water loss. Thus, a quick loss of several grams on the scale but this is not true fat loss. After a couple of weeks, the water weight will return. Going back to the starting point is painful because the idea of being fit and in shape destroyed. Obesity can cause low self-confidence and social isolation, all known contributors to depression. This depression slows down our metabolism, drains our willpower to avoid unhealthy food, and cause us to crave high-fat foods and sugar. Therefore, we will end up gaining more weight than before using those pills.

We should increase the awareness of the harms those pills might cause, especially for the young teenagers as they are the primary consumers of it.


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Stop killing yourself by using slimming pills #Fake_Drugs #dieting




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