“Holidays Photography” the new upcoming trend.

As a freelance photographer, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends in the industry. Last week I was searching on the internet for some tips about outdoor photography when an appealing link caught my attention. It was about a new photography service called FLYTOGRAPHER that documenting your vacation by hooking you up with a local professional photographer to do tourism. After few more research, I believe now that the concept of “Holidays Photography” will be a BIG BOOM!! in the coming years. As it provides an opportunity to a lot of freelance talents and people always love to try weird ideas.

In a report published by Kingston University London, around 391,000 freelancers are based in London with a greater presence in artistic and media occupations. With this huge competition and current economic situation, it’s hard to find businesses out there in the market especially in the major cities. London is home to 21 percent of the freelancer photographer in the UK. Promoting this concept will provide them with more business opportunities, especially the main idea of “holidays photography” is linking the traveler with a local professional photographer. The financial outcome of this service is rewarding; the average rate is 300 pound for a 60-minitues session. On the other hand, the idea of meeting new clients from a different cultural background is exciting and will help the photographers to establish new connections in all over the world. Hector Martín, a freelance photographer in London, Said: “It is an awkward moment when you meet a new client and try to figure out how you should deal with him, and by the end of the day you find out that you gain a new friend.”

People those days are opposed to taking pictures of themselves. If you have any DOUBT open your phone gallery and check how many selfies are there. We love to capture the special moments, especially during our vacations or visits to new cities. The idea of having our own paparazzi is irresistible!! It is much better than ask some stranger in the street to take a picture for you. Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 3.26.56 AM.pngPersonally, I would love to book such service for my next trip. I know it might feel a bit weird to be followed by a professional photographer – giving me instructions and guides about what I should do. But by the end, I will get used to it. To prove my point, I stopped a couple of tourists next to London Bridge and asked them if they will consider booking a photographer to walk around the city with him and take some pictures. The majority were excited about the idea, mostly the Arab to be frank. They drew my attention to an important fact, which is hanging out with local photographer might enhance my travel experience by their abundant local knowledge.

“Holidays Photography” is the upcoming new trend in the photography industry and tourism. We should promote it as it is a pleasant experience for both the tourist and photographer.


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